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X-Men 97 Season Review—Magneto was Right!

Magneto stands in chains before the world.
Magneto restrains himself as he argues the mutant cause.

Source: Disney

Overall: 8.2/10

Story 8.9/10

In Xavier’s absence, Magneto inherits the X-Men. Some members of the team have a problem with that. Others take it in stride. But bigger surprises await as the team’s roster is in constant flux for the entire season.

Internal strife isn’t the only conflict the X-Men have to overcome. A tragedy strikes the Mutant population. In the aftermath, the reality of the new world reveals where everyone stands in the coming war. 

The season is epic. The pacing is superb. Though the writers showcase incredible action, it’s tempered with well-developed characters. Much is revealed about these characters and the meaning of family, as they struggle to eke out lives in a world that hates their existence

From left to right front row and back, Cyclops, Bishop, Storm, Rogue, Beast, Gambit and Morph sit and watch.
From Front to back and left to right, Cyclops, Bishop, Storm, Rogue, Beast, Gambit and Morph watch the international court proceedings

Source: Disney

Character 8.2/10

Magneto (Matthew Waterson) wants what he’s always wanted—mutant liberation. He’s tired of everyone throwing stones at mutants and mutants having to take it. But for the sake of Charles’ memory and everything Charles believed in, Magneto is willing to do it Charles’ way. At least, that's his original intention.

Cyclops (Ray Chase) has had too many battles with Magneto over the years to trust him. He believes that if you start as a villain, you end as one. But Scott has always been a hypocrite. So this viewer isn't sure if that's the case for everyone or just for the people he dislikes.

Jean Grey (Jennifer Hale) is torn. She doesn’t know where she begins and Madelyn ends. Jean blames Scott for not being able to tell the difference. At the same time, her feelings for Wolverine float to the surface. She hates Sinister for putting her family through what he does. 

Madelyn Pryor (Jennifer Hale) is equally as confused as Jean. She feels betrayed by Scott and the rest of the team. She relinquished some of her life in Manchester to Jean, but she finds it difficult to give Jean everything. 

Wolverine (Cal Dodd) puzzles this viewer. He finally understands how Jean feels about him. His response is surprising. For a brief moment, he touches the sun and realizes it's too hot. Apparently, his heart doesn't regenerate as fast as the rest of his body. At any rate, outside of that, he’s the same old Wolverine—a hammer that sees nails all over the place. 

Rogue (Lenore Zann) shares her heart with two others, only to have it torn apart. The most tragic thing is that she is powerless to stop it. Its devastating effects change her.

Storm (Alison Sealy-Smith) loses something precious to her. She doesn’t realize how precious it is until she no longer has it. 

Sun Spot (Gui Agustino) is ashamed to be a mutant initially.  So he shies away from using his powers. But he comes to understand they are a blessing instead of a curse. 

Professor X (Ross Marquand) has never really thought of himself. He has always thought of his X-Men and the fate of humanity. So when he’s forced to weigh his dreams, his burden for mutants is heavier.

Bastion (Theo James) hates mutants because he hates himself. Ultimately, he justifies his crimes against humanity as necessary to protect non-mutants. 

Sinister (Chris Britton) doesn’t need anything to justify evil deeds. His motivations are patently sinister. He wants to experiment on mutants, so he can add their power to his own. 

Mister Sinister holds baby Nathan in his arms above a green liquid
Mr. Sinister holds Nathan Summers before an experiment.

Source: Disney

Animation 7.5/10

The animation and art style for this show are excellent. They create a feeling of nostalgia, even as animators use contemporary updated animation techniques. There's a treat for old-school X-Men fans as the artists go back to the X-Men's original character designs. And this viewer can't say enough about the incredible action sequences that propel the story.

Final Thoughts

X-Men 97 is an incredible ride. It's action-packed and filled with the captivating characters that X-Men fans know and love. The writers introduce us to a few more. All the while, the writers spin a dazzling tale. It's an experience that new fans and old fans alike will enjoy.


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