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Eva Jackson became a Daywalker Vampire after her family was massacred one hot summer day in Georgia. From that day on the very essence of her existence changed forever. For a time she found happiness until the Monarchs decided to purify their ranks and wanted to rid themselves of the Daywalkers permanently. For 400 years, through centuries of monumental change, she was forced to flee from their nefarious attentions. Now, in 2150, in a place known as New Abyssinia, she believes that she has finally found the refuge she needs—a place where she can live in relative peace and security. But when the liege mayor’s daughter goes missing, Eva knows that she must act, even if it will send her hurtling toward a conflict with the sinister forces that annihilated her people all those years ago. These forces are aligned with the Six Devils of High Point, an evil lurking deep in the heart of the fledgling nation. They are determined to bring the country into a devastating war with the American Empire. Finding allies in a Congolese spirit wolf, a Russian cyborg, and a genius former Haitian rebel, Eva is ready to take on a dreadful entity that threatens her very existence. But does she have what it takes to prevent a wicked malevolence from destroying her new home? Or has it grown too late to make her stand?

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