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Invincible Season 2 Episode 2: In About Six Hours I Lose My Virginity To A Fish

Guardians of the Globe stare at a figure.
The Immortal, Rex Splode, Robot, Dupli-Kate, Shrinking Rae and Bullet Proof, arrive for the fight.

Source: Prime Video

Overall: 7.3/10

Story 7.3/10

Mark continues to pay for his father’s sins. Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Globe welcome a new member into their ranks. But he's not what he appears. Old foes rear their heads. And coming invaders bolster their ranks. 

A lot happens in this episode. And most of it happens to Mark. It seems to this viewer that the writers want to depict Mark as the Earth's protector in Omni-Man's absence. It makes sense. The Guardians of the Globe are a weaker and less experienced version of their predecessors. And Eve is taking a sabbatical from crime fighting. Mark’s mettle says a lot about him and the influence he will have on the characters in the episodes to come. 

Debbie Grayson loses it.
Debbie Grayson has a breakdown over Omni-Man's betrayal.

Source: Prime Video

Character 7.5/10

Mark blames himself for not seeing his father for who he is. He’s ashamed that he and Omni-Man share the same heritage. As a result, Mark tries to prove that he’s nothing like him. But before his father’s transgressions, he saw his father as being larger than life—the hero he aspired to be. This viewer believes that Mark still wants to be a true hero.

Debbie wasn't able to protect her son from Omni-Man. So she’s trying to do everything she can to protect him now from everything that she can. But she finally realizes that she’s not okay. Debbie tries to hold it together for Mark. But now she might understand that she needs to take some time to get her head on straight.

Eve just wants to do good. She wants to live a meaningful life. She really does mean well. But she’s coming to grips with the fact that there are still rules that even supers have to abide by. But it’s tough to handle those types of issues because she's never had anyone to show her the way. It doesn't help that her parents are trash. They don't understand how special she is. They never have. They only see the negative aspects of her powers. So ultimately, she’s trying to prove them wrong.

Cecil is torn. He has to be most concerned about the world’s security. He knows that Mark shares Omni-Man’s blood. That makes him either a threat or a potential weapon. But he also knows that Mark is still just a kid. To some extent, he feels bad that he has to exploit him. But he’s the best weapon that the earth has beyond the Guardians of the Globe.

Shapesmith has completely changed. He is in a bad situation. But he chooses to make the proverbial lemonade by becoming a hero. But with a possible Martian invasion looming, the audience will see where his loyalties lie. 

Angstrom Levy stands next to a captured Invincible.
Angstrom Levy extracts the information he needs from Invincible.

Source: Prime Video

Animation 7.2/10

The animation fits very well with the subject matter: superheroes. It works especially well for those who remember shows like Batman: The Animated Series or Superman: The Animated Series. Those styles are pulled directly from classic comic books of yesteryear. That’s when readers could see the square-jawed archetypal heroes. And those superheroes are the precise ones that Invincible takes aim at.

Final Thoughts

Mark is taking on a lot. He’s literally carrying the world’s burden on his shoulders. He’s inherited the role of being Earth’s protector. But it’s the type of hero he’s always wanted to be. Only time will tell if he’s up to it.


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