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Ninja Kamui Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Joe Logan plays guitar, while his wife and son listen in front of corn field.
The Logans enjoy an evening together.

Source: Cartoon Network

Overall: 7.5/10

Story 7.5/10

A Ninja clan carries out hits against seeming defectors. Enter the Logan family.  They live on a farm and enjoy each other’s company. Everything seems peaceful and tranquil until the ninja clan comes knocking. The visit will forever transform their family.

These writers are no strangers to the Hero’s Journey as the audience is treated to a slice of life in the Logan family's ordinary world. It's all the more distressing for viewers when the violent winds of outside forces threaten that wholesome life. 

Boss Ninja smiles.
Boss Ninja smiles.

Source: Cartoon Network

Character  7.1/10

Joe Logan is a laid-back family man. His family is his greatest treasure. Just being with them is the joy of his life. 

Sara Logan is the worrier of the family. She fears that past decisions may be catching up to her happy family. 

Kyle Logan is a typical, happy, well-adjusted little kid. His world revolves around his parents. And he believes they can do anything, including protecting him from monsters.

Boss Ninja is cold and remorseless. People are just numbers to him. He doesn’t care who it is. He has a job to do. If a person is on his list, their fate is sealed.

Logan grabs a ninja's sword arm.
Logan takes on a ninja in his home.

Source: Cartoon Network

Animation 7.9/10

Everything is well thought out from the color scheme to the character design. But the action scenes take center stage for this one. They are gritty and impressively animated.

Final Thoughts

The first episode makes a solid origin story for the main character. Audiences will be interested in delving deeper into the story to learn more about the criminal organization and the Logan's history with it. In the meantime, they won't mind making do with gritty, well-animated fight scenes.


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