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The Unwanted Undead Adventure Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Unwanted Undead

Rentt stands in front of a powerful creature.
Rentt faces off with a powerful creature.

Source: Crunchyroll

Overall: 7.7/10

Story 8.2/10

Rentt is a mediocre adventurer at best. He’s been at it for 10 years and still has only moved up one class from where he started. To make matters worse, his dream of becoming a Mythrall class adventurer is nearly impossible. Adventurers that reach that level are extremely rare. So he's not exactly on pace.

His lot seemingly gets worse when he discovers a secret unexplored section of a labyrinth. He meets a mythological beast. The encounter changes his life, forever transforming it. Now that he’s changed. How will others receive him?

Lorraine hold a book and talks to Rentt.
Lorraine explains ghouls to Rentt.

Source: Crunchyroll

Character 7.8/10

Rentt Faina seems to be personable. He’s hardworking and diligent. He just lacks the talent he needs initially. At any rate, Rentt is earnest. And folks like him. The question is, will that change moving forward?

Lorraine Vivie is a very knowledgeable figure. We haven’t seen her do anything. But if her knowledge is any indication of her capabilities, then she is probably someone that Rentt can rely on. This viewer can’t wait to see more of what their relationship was before his transformation and where it leaves them as the story progresses. 

Rentt glows and absorbs energy.
A skeleton feasts on its kill.

Source: Crunchyroll

Animation 7.2/10

So far the artwork and animation have been good. It's very clean. It fits well with the story and character design. And it's what's typically to be expected of the art form and genre. This viewer can't wait to see how it holds up once we get into some of the epic battles that the story lends itself to.

Final Thoughts

The setup and pacing are excellent. The protagonist is likable. Moving forward, it will be interesting to examine the character dynamics between Rentt and Lorraine as well as the other characters that Rentt comes across. It should make for a good underdog story if nothing else.


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