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Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Review: It's Been A While

Omni-Man holds his son and stands beside his new wife, Andressa.
Omni-Man shows off his new family.

Source: Prime Video

Overall 8.4/10

Story 8.5/10

Omni-Man has the gaul to ask for Mark’s help after what he pulled back on Earth.  On top of that, it would appear that Mark and Debbie have been replaced. 

The writers have managed to flip everything on its head with a few unexpected plot twists. And they've given the audience a preview of the coming invasion. What will Mark do? And what impact will that have on all the characters?

Thraxians on their damaged ship
Thraxians trying to salvage their damaged ship

Source: Prime Video

Character 8.5/10

Mark is torn between hating his father and loving him. The thought of helping his father repulses him. But if he doesn’t help him, and a civilization is wiped out, Mark wonders if that makes him just like his father. 

Omni-Man is a Viltrumite through and through. He’s used to using brute force. But he has to add another skill to his repertoire: manipulation. He has a crisis of conscience. So he thinks he can begin anew—new planet—new family. He hasn't completely changed. Not yet. He’s not repentant for what happened on Earth. He’s just trying to convince Mark that he’s turned over a new leaf, so Mark will help him protect what he cares about now. 

Debbie thinks she has blood on her hands. But there is no way that she could’ve known what Nolan is. She doesn’t owe anyone anything. If anything, the people of Earth owe Debbie a debt of gratitude for somewhat civilizing Omni-Man.

Donald has come to realize that something’s not right. He continues to dig until he finds something very unsettling about himself. Now that he knows, this viewer wonders what his next move will be. 

Andressa doesn’t know the same Nolan that Mark does. All she knows is that this virtual god saved her life and the lives of her crew mates. 

Eve has very low self-esteem. Her superpowers are supposed to be a blessing not only to herself but to the world. But now, she sees them as a curse just like her father. Will she give up completely on being a superhero? If so, that will have implications for the coming Viltrumite invasion.

A bloody Omni-Man stands next to Invincible.
Omni-Man and Invincible ready themselves for another Viltrumite attack.

Source: Prime Video

Animation 8.1/10

The classic subdued art style, reminiscent of the old-school DCU, lends itself to superhero action. And though what viewers see in this episode may not be characterized as superhero action, it certainly is superhuman. When the art style is combined with the blood and guts (literally) action sequences, it creates an epic mix of combat. It showcases just how powerful the Viltrumites are and how far Mark has come.

Final Thoughts

Mark is truly trapped—caught up in a web of intergalactic politics. As the villains mount, the Earth looks as powerless as ever. It leaves this viewer wondering how Invincible will find his way out of this one.


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