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Invincible Season 2 Episode 1: A Lesson For Your Next Life

A bloody Invincible is next to Omni Man
Invincible and Omni Man unite.

Source: Prime Video

Overall 7.3/10

Story 7.2/10

Mark and his Mom, Debbie, try to pick up the pieces of their lives that Omni Man left in shambles. They aren’t alone. Chicago, the main site of Omni Man’s rampage, tries to rebuild as well. And the newly anointed Guardians of the Globe try to make adjustments. These kids have some very big shoes to fill.

The writers introduce us to a new character in a very cool and unique way. And this character’s presence is sure to have an astronomical effect on the other characters.

Cecil stands next to The Immortal.
Cecil introduces The Immortal to the Guardians of the Globe.

Source: Prime Video

Character 7.7/10

Mark used to think for himself. But he’s in a rush to get back on the field. He’s so eager to show he’s not his father that he gives his ability to think away and agrees to let Cecil do it for him. This mistake creates a new enemy and costs everyone in his universe and any other a better life.

Debbie is angry. She’s angry she didn’t see Omni Man for the monster that he is. She’s angry that he physically and emotionally hurt her son, and she couldn’t protect him. She blames herself for it. And she just wants Mark to be okay. What she doesn’t realize is that she has to save herself first before she can be any good to anyone else.

Amber is trying to be a good girlfriend and keep Mark’s mind occupied. She’s trying to give him peace and normalize things for him. In her mind, as long as she can keep him grounded and focused on things like them getting into the same college, he will be okay.

Cecil is suspicious of Mark. To him, Mark was always just a weapon. And he still is. He’s someone to be kept at arm's length, so history won’t repeat itself. Is it fair for Cecil to treat Mark like this, given that Mark almost lost his life defending Earth from his father? Cecil doesn’t have the luxury of being fair. He has to focus on Earth’s security and protection. Who knows when Omni Man and the Viltrumites will return?

Angstrom Levy is a pacifist with an incredible power and a genius-level intellect. He wants to create a better multiverse. But he messes up when he decides to align himself with the maulers. Their presence alone costs him dearly because the heroes of this universe punch first and ask questions later.

Robot struggles with his newly acquired human body. He discovers that even a finely attuned human body still has its weaknesses.

Source: Prime Video

Animation 7.0/10

The animation is still very close to the classic traditional DC Universe form before they started experimenting with the various anime styles. The style's purpose in Invincible is to hearken back to those classic DCU characters, since at its root, Invincible is a critique of superheroes. And DC mainly stands as a proxy for all superheroes in the Invincible universe. The form has its aesthetic attributes. It works. And it’s still very enjoyable to watch.

Final Thoughts

This viewer’s prediction is that Angstrom Levy’s presence will have an astronomical effect on the entire cast of characters. And this viewer can’t wait to see what fresh havoc the writers dream up. It’s an explosive start to what is sure to be another epic season of Invincible.

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