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Blue Eye Samurai Season 1 Episode 1 Review

The Swordmaster holds the ore while Mizu hammers it.
Mizu learns the craft.

Source Netflix

Overall 8.3/10

Story 8.0/10

This story picks up after Japan’s borders have been closed to keep Europeans out. Anyone who is not of pure Japanese stock is looked down upon. That’s a problem for the story’s protagonist, Mizu the Blue Eye Samurai. This protagonist is of mixed race and seeks revenge on those who had their way with the hero’s mother.

This is a very unique revenge story with an interesting and engaging group of characters.

Mizu slices an enemy in half.
Mizu cuts down an enemy.

Source: Netflix

Character 8.1/10

Right away the writers invite the audience to like Mizu, as the character stands up for someone who is less fortunate. Mizu is about justice. Whenever the character’s goals align with justice, Mizu typically acts. When it comes to helping others, if it interferes with Mizu's mission the character may not act. But Mizu always doubles back to make things right.

Swordmaker is blind and sometimes willfully so. But he sees much more than he lets on. And he certainly sees more than people with two good eyes. Mizu is better for him being in the character’s life.

Ringo seems to be a good person. Hopefully, he’s not a spy or a traitor. But it remains to be seen if he’s someone Mizu can rely on. Moving forward, it is this viewer's hope that the writers will see fit to delve into his backstory.

Taigen is certainly an antagonist at this point. He and Mizu have a history that will likely cause most viewers to root for Mizu to kill him. Then again, he may have an arc that will change that opinion.

Heji Shindo is at least one of the big bads in the story. And his infamous reputation precedes him. Viewers don’t see a great deal of him in this episode. But his presence is felt in the brief appearance.

Taigen unsheathes his blade.
Taigen readies for the duel.

Source: Netflix

Animation 8.7/10

Netflix certainly didn’t skimp on this one. And it shows in the character expressions and designs. Even the shimmers of light that dance on the samurai sword blades look realistic. The artists and animators are very meticulous. It allows them to create exhilarating action sequences as blood paints the beautiful and scenic backdrops.

Final Thoughts

The first episode is an impressive visual feast. This viewer is excited to explore more of this unique revenge story.


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