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Invincible: Atom Eve Review

Eve examines a book made of glass.
Eve explores her power.

Source: Prime Video

Story 9.1/10

To say Eve has a hard life, would be an understatement. Her first day is her mother's last. Her adoptive dad is verbally abusive. Her adoptive mom is an enabler. Her best friend is a Judas. And things get worse from there.

The writers paint a grim picture of an extraordinary little girl’s life, who’s cursed with parents that are mundane in every way and are ill-equipped to deal with Eve’s unique gifts. It makes for a deep dive into Eve’s character as the audience examines those around her.

Eve wears a mask and a pink hoodie.
Eve's first foray as a superhero.

Prime: Video

Character 9.2/10

Atom Eve is beyond gifted in both power and intellect. She explodes with color amongst a backdrop of dull gray. It’s puzzling. Eve lives in a world where there are superheroes, aliens and extraordinary wonders. But most of the people she knows are very closed-minded and want her to be just as dull and boring as they are. It makes things very lonely for Eve. It forces her to put on two masks—one for her false family and one for the rest of the world.

Adam, Eve’s dad, is the worst dad a kid could have. He’s so busy keeping up appearances and trying to force Eve to fit in with everyone else that he completely misses out on how extraordinary she is. He doesn’t deserve to have a daughter as wonderful as Eve.

Eve’s mom straddles the fence. She has no backbone. She seems to want to do what’s right for Eve. But instead of standing up to her husband and giving her daughter the support she needs, she allows Adam to make Eve feel like something is wrong with her. Eve's mom knows what her husband is doing is wrong. But she allows it to continue.

Dr. Brandyworth has done some questionable things in the name of science and American security. But he’s more of a father than Eve’s adoptive father is capable of managing. He lets Eve know just how extraordinary she is and shields her from those that would seek to exploit her powers as best he can. It costs him a great deal. And he makes many sacrifices for Eve.

Rodgers is an Erickson sycophant who will do anything scientifically without pausing to think whether he should. He is without integrity or scruple. He is jealous of Dr. Brandyworth because he lacks his talent and genius.

Erickson is highlighted by one of the last voice performances of the late great Lance Reddick. And he plays him well. Erickson is drunk on power. He sees the authority given to protect America as a license to do whatever he wants with no consequences.

Eve's hair and body are surrounded by energy.
Angry Eve

Source: Prime Video

Animation 7.9/10

The animation, just like the main Invincible series, is very similar to the DC Warner Brothers brand of the early 2000s and 1990s before DC started experimenting with anime-style artwork. So it looks very similar to Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

Final Thoughts

This episode is just what is needed to whet viewers' appetite for Invincible's second season. And this viewer can hardly wait.


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