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Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Review: This Missive, This Machination!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Thaedus presides over the Coalition of Planets.
Thaedus assembles the Coalition of Planets.

Source: Prime Video

Overall 7.5/10

Story 7.7/10

Mark begins his life as a college kid. But the superhero life forces him to put it on the back burner. And Debbie tries to cope with an empty house. For the first time since Omni-Man’s betrayal, she puts herself out there. 

The writers expound on the world as the audience is introduced to another plot that could have groundbreaking implications for all of the characters in the story. 

Allen The Alien stands looking up with his one eye.
Allen stands before the Coalition.

Source: Prime Video

Character 7.3/10

It’s difficult for Mark to know what’s right anymore. He’s starting to stand up to Cecil. But in this instance, Cecil actually has some good advice for the kid. Mark is so wrapped up in proving that he’s not his dad that he doesn’t realize that he's the one who needs evidence. 

Debbie makes it past one roadblock just to be hit in the face with another. It’s painful to watch. And this viewer isn’t sure that she’ll find her footing. If she doesn’t, she could cause Mark to drown with her. 

Allen is born to be a superhero. But like Mark, he’s gullible. Allen can’t see past his admiration for another character. And it costs him dearly. 

Theo comes from a place of hurt. And it doesn’t allow him any empathy for Debbie. He can’t send his verbal darts at Omni-Man. Even if he could, he’s powerless to do much else. So he lashes out the only way he can, which is tragic. Because if he could just see beyond his own pain, he might just find someone who could be a dear friend. 

Telia sits in a booth.
General Telia is shocked by Allen's news.

Source: Prime Video

Animation 7.5/10

The animation and art style, as usual, work for what Invincible is trying to accomplish. But this viewer would say because there is more blood and guts in Invincible than a viewer would see in DC or Marvel, for that matter, it destroys the godlike mystique of the superhero. The capes seem a lot less like heroes and villains in Invincible and more like really messed up beings with powers. And that might be what Robert Kirkman is going for. Perhaps he thinks that is a more realistic portrayal. Mark certainly seems more like an ordinary kid, who happens to have powers.

Final Thoughts

Mark has a lot on his plate. Whether the Earth survives or not will depend on whether he can truly be Invincible.


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