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Ranking of Kings Season 1 Review

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Source: Crunchyroll

Overall 9.4/10

Story 9/10

Ranking of Kings is a coming-of-age story about Boiji, a little giant who sees himself as a future king. But those around him see only his flaws and weaknesses. They are quick to judge and seek only to impose their beliefs of what they think he is capable of.

But Boiji meets a friend, Kage, who sees him the way he sees himself. And thus Boiji’s journey begins, as he quests for the strength and confidence he will need to follow in his father's footsteps, so he can become a true king.

This story screams to the audience that anything is possible. There are no limitations if you believe and put in the work. It’s a wonderful theme that anyone can get behind.

Each episode has brilliant pacing. Even the flashbacks are done well. They don’t hinder the story structure. And this viewer finds them to be a well-placed and nonintrusive way to push the story and reveal character.

Character 10/10

As great as the story is, the characters are even better. Several defy expectations. And all seem to be three-dimensional and well-balanced. They will keep the audience guessing.

It’s obvious that Boiji would be a lovable main character. The size of his heart is only exceeded by that of his dream to become king. He has all of the traits of a great king already. But he just needs the strength to stand up and prove it to the world.

Viewers will root for Boiji from the first five minutes of the first episode. That is a given.

But this viewer wasn’t prepared to fall in love with some of the other characters. The writers provide a rich tapestry of character interactions that make Boiji’s arc more compelling.

There is one character (will remain nameless, so I don’t give away spoilers) who is very important in Boiji’s life. And she loves him very much. She’ll do everything in her power to protect him. But she holds Boiji back. And it's not because that is her intention. She just wants to protect him. As a part of his journey, Boiji has to summon the courage to stand up to her. He needs her to understand that she is holding him back. But her love for Boiji will certainly endear her to the audience.

Animation 9.2/10

It’s difficult to talk about the animation for Ranking of Kings without talking about the show’s unique blend of action. We’ve all heard the saying not to judge the proverbial book. But it’s very true about the animation for this show. The action is highly imaginative, especially considering the different types of fighting styles and unique magic types.

Aside from the action, the level of expressiveness and detail put into each character is impressive. In some instances, it may even cause the audience to make judgments about certain characters. But it allows for character revelations to unfold in a very satisfying way when coupled with the writing.

Final Thoughts

Ranking of Kings is an incredible anime that will defy audience expectations from start to finish. The writers masterfully tell the story, marrying a lovely theme to the main character that viewers can easily root for. All of the characters are well developed. And the animation is done well. In short, the writers, artists and animators come together to make Ranking of Kings a must-watch.


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