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She-Hulk Attorney At Law Episode 8 Review: Ribbit and Rip It

Source: Disney

Overall: 7.0/10

Story 7.1/10

She-Hulk gets a product liability case. But her client wants to sue the same guy that makes all of her clothes. This viewer will give you 10 guesses as to who Jen’s tailor/designer retains to represent him in court. Hint—you shouldn’t need all 10 guesses.

The story was much better this week. There is a slight shift from the previous 4 episodes that seem to be more slice-of-life stories. And they have very little connective tissue between them. So they don't seem to really build into anything. Aside from cameos, there is very little to tie them into the larger MCU.

A little snippet of this episode ties into the new Black Panther Movie. And this episode will definitely tie into the next episode. So there is a little build at least. This viewer wishes it wouldn't have taken so long.

Character 6.9/10

Maslany's portrayal of Jen Walters/She-Hulk is generally pretty spot-on. But there's a slight issue with the character development. In the same episode that she gets a revelation as to how Jen Walters and She-Hulk should coexist she has a meltdown. Jen's Carrie moment makes Bruce look like a prophet. Problem is that there is no buildup to it. Had the episodes been more interconnected and not as disjointed, there could've been more of a buildup.

Yes, Jen is a hulk. And yes, hulks are prone to anger. But up to this point, Jen is a saint when it comes to controlling her temper. She has always been in control from the very start.

This viewer won't say She-Hulk's actions this episode are out of character. But if the writers would've allowed her to struggle with her temper, even a little, through out the series, then it would've made more sense for her to behave in the manner she does in this episode. It seems the writers are so concerned with making things look easy for her that they don't think about what affect it will have on She-Hulk's character development.

That aside, it was good to see Daredevil back in action again. For the most part, he was the same hero from Hell’s Kitchen. But some elements of his character are sacrificed just to create laughs that don’t hit for this viewer. Daredevil shies away from the police. He does his off-the-clock work late at night. The question becomes, why would a hero that shuns the light of day in his costume and attempts to avoid police take a leisurely stroll in broad daylight in his costume? It doesn’t make sense.

Final Thoughts

Many viewers finally get the story that they have been waiting for with the arrival of Daredevil. His presence gives the episode a lift. But the events of the episode and She-Hulk's behavior would've created a far greater payoff if there was more of a buildup to them.


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