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She-Hulk Attorney At Law Episode 6 Review: Just Jen

Source: Disney

Overall 6.5/10

Story 5.4/10

Jennifer goes to a wedding. She’s invited by one of her friends from high school to be a bridesmaid. But a very petty villain shows up in an attempt to embarrass her.

There wasn’t much of a plot this week. The A story might’ve been a B story in any other Marvel show. It seems as though the writers have opted to make the show more of a slice-of-life series.

That aside, there have been some easter eggs throughout the show’s episodes. This one is no different. We come across a secret organization that could introduce some new characters into the series.

Also, the identity of the groom is concealed from the audience. That could be significant or a red herring. We shall see if it alludes to anything in the final two episodes of this season.

Character 7.5/10

Jen continues to struggle with her identity. She has yet to come to the realization that She-Hulk and Jen Walters are the same. All of the adoration that people give the She-Hulk belongs to her too. But because she hasn't come to that realization, she continues to live in the She-Hulk's shadow. That poses a serious challenge to her self-esteem.

Jen takes a lot of verbal shots and suffers some humiliation because she can't put her foot down. Honestly, Jen is not still friends with the woman that makes her a bridesmaid. But she goes anyway. Because she has a problem with saying no to people. Hopefully, She-Hulk will give Jen the confidence she needs to be okay in her own skin.

Titania is mildly entertaining. At least she gets in a few punches this time. But this viewer thinks she may need to dream bigger. So far her villainous acts include breaking into a courtroom to throw a bench at a jury and weaseling her way into a wedding, so she can embarrass She-Hulk on social media. Her antics would even leave Alligator Loki scratching his head.

Final Thoughts

Viewers don't see a lot of plot in this episode. But there were a few easter eggs that look like they could lead to something bigger in the future. Perhaps the hope is to just leave it up to the characters to carry the day. But even if these characters were the greatest and most developed in history, they would still need a plot. A story with great characters and no plot is just dead weight. That's a burden too heavy for even a hulk to carry.


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