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She-Hulk Attorney At Law Episode 4: Is this not Real Magic?

Source: Disney

Overall: 7.9/10

Story 7.8/10

In this episode, Jennifer handles her second case as the head of the Superhero Division at her law firm. A hack magician uses a real magical artifact to do parlor tricks and boost his stock as a legitimate magician. The magic he tampers with can have some really devastating consequences if treated as a toy. So it’s up to Jen to get a preliminary injunction on the use of the magical item before this amateur unleashes something really bad on Los Angeles.

This week the audience is introduced to a B story as well: Jen Walters' love life.

The writers do a great job of marrying the two storylines together. Jen learns the hard way that sometimes the life of a superhero bleeds into their everyday world. When they do, things can get a little messy. How a character responds says a lot about who they are.

Character 8.0/10

Jen still hasn’t come to grips yet with the popularity that her other half enjoys. She tolerates it. But she hasn't accepted it. At some point, she’s going to have to understand that she is the She-Hulk as well. Because right now Bruce’s words to his cousin are starting to look positively prophetic. Jen and She-Hulk are headed for the same battle that Bruce had with the Hulk. It will look different and won't be as devastating to the surrounding population or property. But it will be a battle over who has control of Jen’s life.

Already, the way Jen views it is that the She-Hulk is the main reason Jen has a job at a prestigious law firm and is head of the Superhero Division. She-Hulk is the reason that Jen’s love life has recently filled up with guys wanting to put their stamps on her dance card.

It looks like She-Hulk is much better at Jen’s life than Jen. But it’s important for Jen to understand that she and the She-Hulk are one and the same. But when Jen's B story doesn’t give her the ending she is looking for, she seems light years away from understanding that She-Hulk is just another side of the same coin that makes her who she is.

Final Thoughts

This week, the writers give viewers a peek into Jen's love life to go along with the bird's eye view the audience has of her professional/superhero life. Though a little messy, they blend well together. Hopefully, Jen can learn to live as harmoniously with the She-Hulk.

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