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Chainsaw Man Episode 3: Meowy's Wherabouts

Source: Crunchyroll

Overall: 8.1/10

Story: 7.7/10

Power blames Denji for her error in killing a civilian hunter's devil. Denji gets a slight reprimand. But he holds no ill will toward Power. In fact, she makes him an offer he can't refuse. So the two take off to find something that's very important to her.

The pacing is perfect. And the writers keep the same tone that they have in the previous episode. It lightens the mood and gives us a peek inside the characters' psyches.

Character: 8.2/10

Denji, in some ways, is a lot like an archetypal, Shonen hero. Generally, they're a little naive and hard-headed. They're the slightest bit dogmatic about their codes as well.

Denji thinks that he can trust devils. He sees them as no different than people. The only friend he ever had is Pochita (a devil). So he treats humans and devils the same. After all, it isn't devils that bury his father in so much debt that the man commits suicide. And it certainly isn't devils that make him pay off his father's debt. So that's Denji's worldview, which might be a little ironic coming from a devil hunter. But that paradox adds layers to his character.

Power is a very complex figure. First off, she's a liar. So viewers can see that she'll throw a partner under a bus to save herself. Power hates both humans and devils. She treats them all with the same level of disdain with the exception of her boss, Makima, who she's afraid of. To simplify, she doesn't like anyone except her cat. But the fact that she cares for someone or something other than herself makes her a little complex.

Power doesn't trust anyone. So in many ways, she's Denji's antithesis. In everything, they are polar opposites. They even have opposite spirit animals in a sense. Power is the personification of a cat. Denji is the personification of a dog. Warring philosophies and personalities don't mix initially. But the hope is that they'll have twin arcs of growth and understanding. Hopefully, they can learn from each other and reach some happy medium. That will be something to explore as the story moves forward.

Animation 8.5/10

The level of detail is unreal. The landscape at times resembles real photos. Everything, from the way that the artists like to play with light and shadow to the color palette, comes together along with the action to create a bloody cacophony of spectacle. The action is epic. Given that this is anime, the action and villains should grow each week. Keep in mind, this is only the third week. And the animators and artists already give the audience the treat of a boss-level fight.

Final Thoughts

Good story and excellent character development mixes with detailed animation to create an epic episode. This viewer can't wait for the next one.


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