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Legend A Dragon Ball Tale Review

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Source: Studio Stray Dog

Overall: 9.2/10

Story 9.0/10

Our story begins with the prince of all Saiyans, who has become the newly anointed king of all Saiyans. He takes a trip that leads him directly to the center of the World Martial Arts tournament. Mind-blowing action ensues.

That incredible action is accompanied by character-revealing dialogue and a story that pulls the audience in, holds on tight and won’t let go. Even the end calls for a continuation.

Character 8.9/10

Vegeta in DBZ is largely a tragic and misunderstood figure. Abuse and humiliation at the hands of Frieza lead to his quest for power, so he can avenge his father and the Sayin race. His methods are questionable.

But in this universe, things develop differently. The prince with Sayin pride possesses all of the principles of a regal ruler. Crowned for his efforts, the new King Vegeta looks to perhaps prevent a catastrophe from befalling the planet and his people. Could it be Frieza?

Chi-Chi and Goku remain largely the same. She is as ferocious a warrior and as hotheaded as ever. Though this viewer doesn’t blame her in this instance. How do you forget that you asked someone to marry you? Sheesh.

Goku is the same lovable knucklehead. He is a fighting genius, who only cares about fighting but with a few improvements.

Animation 9.7/10

Nowhere is this film more evidently a love letter to Toriyama’s work than the animation. The artwork is S tier. And it’s sketched. Clearly, these guys are supremely talented. Calling Goku’s transformation epic would be an understatement. And the action is an insanely imaginative display of skill.

Final Thoughts

This viewer wants more. The End.


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