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Spy x Family Episode 11 Review: Stella

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Source: Crunchyroll

Overall: 9.0/10

Story 9.0/10

It becomes evident to Loid that he may be going about getting Anya a Stella in the wrong manner. So he decides to expose her to different activities to see what she’s good at. He discovers Anya is bad at a lot. But the thing she’s good at turns out to be surprising.

While the previous week's episode had been mainly from Anya and her classmates' points of view, this week the writers return to the multipronged main character's approach. So the audience sees more of all three main characters. Thematically, the show continues to ask if, at the end of the day, this family that was put together for the sake of the mission will one day become a real family.

Character 9.0/10 Loid behaves more and more like a father with each passing episode. Sure he wants Anya to be successful for the mission's sake. But this episode gives the impression that he wants her to be successful for her sake too.

Loid's search to find out what she's good at isn't much different than the way a parent tries to get the best out of their child. Once there's an interest or the spark of latent ability, the focus begins. His patience during the search, even when she messes up, is nothing short of fatherly. He is a man on a mission in more ways than one. It would appear that the spy of a "hundred faces," who discards relationships with ease is putting in significant work on the relationship he has with his daughter.

Later, when Anya manages to get a Stella, it genuinely pleases Loid. He describes the feeling as being similar to the time when he stopped a nuclear bomb from going off. Oftentimes, parents see children as extensions of themselves. Loid's comparison might mean he views Anya the same way. Of course, Loid is happy because he's one step closer to accomplishing his mission. But he beams over Anya's actions. The manner in which she earns the Stella means a lot. Someone is still alive and well because of Anya. And Loid couldn't be any more proud of that fact.

Animation 9.0/10

The animation for this show is always superb. Each week the animation always gives an assist to the character and story. This week is no different.

Yor’s musings about what type of dog Anya should get as a reward for earning a Stella gives the audience a revelation into how Yor's mind works.

Yor's ability to take the most harmless thing or situation and make it deadly in her mind leads to unbelievable imagery. In fact, it's so unbelievable that it’s laughable. Once again, the show's animators create a comedic moment that reveals character. Yor means well and just wants to keep her daughter safe. Her motherly instincts have a way of tugging at the heartstrings.

Final Thoughts

Anya's Stella makes Loid and Yor proud parents. The family that Loid initially put together for his mission looks the part. But could they be the real deal? The writers, animators and artists will certainly keep us guessing.

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