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Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Review: Arrival in Tokyo

Source: Crunchyroll

Overall: 7.5/10

Story 7.0/10

Denji goes along with Makima back to Public Safety. He learns that he doesn't have much luck with partners. And just when it looks like he's won his freedom he loses it again.

The tone of the show is still dark. But even with what looks like a bleak future for Denji, the writers still find a way to slip some humor into the story. It serves as comic relief from the somber and distressing tone of the first episode and starts to feel more like a dark action comedy.

Character 7.5/10

Denji is a naive kid who doesn't know anything about the world he lives in. And it makes sense when viewers see his origin. He really hasn't had a chance to experience the world in any significant way. That's why he thinks he's in love with Makima—his captor. At any rate, whether his feelings are reciprocated will be something to watch for.

Makima is hard to figure out. This viewer doesn't know whether she's a good or bad person. Her actions and the things she says are confusing. She's nice one minute. And the next she's telling Denji that if he steps out of line he'll be exterminated. Perhaps that's what the writers want because it creates another hook for the series.

Aki comes off, initially, as a good guy who's just looking out for Denji. But all he has in mind is his own best interests and designs toward Makima. And he's at least partially motivated by his lust for revenge against the devils that have taken something precious from him.

Power is a ball of fun. She's super strong. She would have to be to have a name like that unless it were ironic like a big guy named Tiny. At any rate, she just likes to kill devils and unleash her rage every now and then. She seems to be up for a good time. Perhaps, Denji should stop wasting his with Makima and give Power a chance.

Animation 7.9/10

The animation is a thing of beauty. The characters are exquisitely detailed in their movements and facial expressions. But given the artists' and animators' ability to show the expressiveness of the characters, it's telling that they allow Makima to hide her true feelings. Her facial expressions never betray her true emotions. Her expressions never change. That's scary—almost as scary as the fact that she shares the same eyes as Power.

There were at least three fights in this episode. One is absolutely hilarious. The other two are gritty and gruesome. But all three are a testament to the skill of the artists and animators.

Final Thoughts

Episode 2 makes for an excellent installment as the writers introduce more characters and shed light on a few that we've already come across. The characters, gory action and superb animation will keep this viewer coming back for more.

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