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Werewolf by Night Movie Review

Source: Disney

Overall: 8.4/10

Story 8.2/10

A wayward daughter returns home after her father’s death, so she can claim her birthright. She has to compete with other hunters in a deadly game to get it.

Everything about this movie screams classic Hollywood horror from the black and white color to the makeup used on the iconic Wolf Man. His movements and the way he fights are even reminiscent of the classic film as Marvel honors the timeless monster with the Werewolf by Night character that first graced its pages in the 1970s.

The story teems with horror tropes and strange interesting characters that can serve as a preview for Marvel’s Midnight Sons.

Character 8.5/10

Elsa Bloodstone seems to be a loner, who isn’t very trusting of others. And that would make plenty of sense. It appears that she’s the type that’s had to fend for herself since she’s been on the outs with her family, possibly because of a difference in philosophy. The film leaves whatever it is that causes the rift between Elsa and her family up to the imagination. At any rate, she seems to be a bit more open-minded and flexible in her thinking than they are.

Jack Russell is at home in his own skin. He’s static in that he is who he is always going to be, which is a good and decent person who wants to show people that they shouldn’t judge a proverbial book. Just because someone is labeled as a monster doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a villain.

Man-Thing is excellent. And he looks great. It’s clear to see where the lion's share of the budget went for this one.

Final Thoughts

Werewolf by Night is a lot of fun and wildly entertaining. If it's the appetizer for the Midnight Sons, this viewer can’t wait for the main course.

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