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Carter Movie Review

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Source: Netflix

Overall 6.3/10

Story 6.5/10

Carter, the main character, wakes up in a hotel room with stitches and a nasty headache. The CIA agents with guns in his face aren’t very sympathetic. They want answers. He can’t oblige because he has no memory. A voice in his ear gives him commands and a choice to follow them or die.

By the way, there are zombies. But I would wager that these zombies are different from anything the audience has ever seen before. They certainly add something extra to a few of the action scenes.

The action overall is intense and spellbinding. It’s as if the writers try to top themselves with each successive fight.

At times the cinematography is dazzling, capturing some of the most imaginative action sequences this viewer has ever witnessed. At other times, it's dizzying, intrusive and unnecessary. It's as though the cameraman for Blair Witch decided to make an action movie. Fair warning to those prone to bouts of Vertigo.

Character 6.1/10

Joo Won doesn’t have a ton of heavy lifting as Carter when it comes to the acting, the onus is on the action. But Won brings a great deal of physicality to the role. And it makes him very believable.

Final Thoughts

Trying to do too much with the cinematography nearly trips this movie up. But if audiences can move past it, Carter makes for a fun film with gritty and highly imaginative action sequences.

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