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Ahsoka Season 1 Review

Ezra and Ahsoka look Wren.
Ezra, Ahsoka and Sabine share a moment.

Source: Disney

Story 7.7/10

This season picks up after the Star Wars Rebels animated series. And a lot of it is about the shadow that the big bad evil Grand Admiral Thrawn casts over the fledgling republic—a society that’s trying to rebuild and recover from the trauma of the empire.

The rebels were victorious. But there were many losses. Comrades have fallen. The survivors try to cope. And some of those survivors even find past connections painful. It adds layers and depth to the interplay between the characters.

Wren and her crew look on in astonishment.
Wren, Vic Williams and the crew look on in astonishment.

Source: Disney

Overall: 7.6/10

Character 7.9/10

Ahsoka Tano has issues with her own Master, Anakin Skywalker. She allowed those problems to bleed into her relationship with Wren. It's mostly because she has questions about herself.

The force doesn’t come naturally to Wren. She’s not as loved by the force as someone like Grogu or Luke Skywalker. Sure she has some skill with weapons as most Mandalorians do. But she has to learn to approach the force in her own way. She needs to accept herself and be comfortable with who she is. She also needs Ahsoka's validation, so she can approach being a Jedi in her own way.

Huyang is a wise, old sage, who doesn’t tell you the answer to your problems. But he’ll tell you just enough to allow you to come to the correct conclusion on your own.

Baylan Skoll is searching for something more—a power beyond what he currently possesses. He discovers a path that he must walk alone.

Shin Hati has lost her light —the thing that has guided her most of her young life. What will she do now?

Elsbeth is a follower of the Witches of Dathomir. She is willing to sacrifice it all to restart the order of witches.

The Night Witches seek to rekindle their long-forgotten order. And to do that, they must return home to Dathomir. So the witches ally themselves with the Devil.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is a chess master extraordinaire. He even spots something in Ahsoka’s soul that he seeks to exploit. Or maybe he wants to plant something there. At any rate, it may be too soon to tell. But one thing is certain. Everyone who aligns themselves with his cause is expendable—nothing but pawns.

The Night Sisters, Lady Elsbeth and Captain Enoch surround Grand Admiral Thrawn.
The Night Sisters, Lady Elsbeth and Captain Enoch wait for a command from Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Source: Disney

Final Thoughts

Season 1 of Ahsoka is an excellent first installment. It leaves a lot of questions that this viewer can’t wait to see the writers answer.


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