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Ahsoka Episode 1 Review: Master and Apprentice Part One

Ahsoka stand with two white light sabers in each hand.
Ahsoka readies herself for her enemies.

Source: Disney

Overall: 7.5/10

Story 7.2/10

This season picks up sometime after the events of Star Wars Rebels. Ahsoka now searches for the map that may lead her to former Grand Admiral Thawn’s whereabouts. And it could ultimately lead to Ezra. But when Sabine tries to decipher it, she has some unwelcome guests that leave her in a bad way.

The pacing is excellent. And the writers make sure that the plot and character development don't suffer for it.

Shin Hati looks forward with a red lightsaber.
Shin Hati eyes her prey.

Source: Disney

Character 7.7/10

Ahsoka Tano has forgotten what it is like to be a padawan. She’s forgotten how headstrong she was when she was an apprentice. It causes her to butt heads with Sabine.

Huyang comes off as a cranky old man. This viewer half expects him to yell at some kids to get off his lawn. At any rate, he does everything by the book. There doesn’t seem to be much give with him.

Sabine Wren doesn’t like taking orders. She makes her own rules. It’s easy to see why someone like her wouldn’t be cut out for the life of a Jedi. Ironically, she’s a Mandalorian. And they’re supposed to live by a rigid code too. But Sabine makes the perfect rebel.

Baylan Skoll doesn’t have much presence. He’s the master. But his apprentice is much scarier. Perhaps that's what the writers intended. Only time will tell, as his backstory unfolds.

While Skoll has no presence, Shin Hati’s jumps off the screen. Everything about her seems lethal. She appears to stalk her prey with the wanton desire of a predator. She seethes, but it boils just beneath the surface.

Morgan Elsbeth and Shin seem to be kindred spirits. They looked at each other with something akin to mutual admiration and curiosity. At any rate, Lady Elsbeth is comfortable ordering two former Jedi around. That means she must be quite powerful. It’s possible that she enjoyed a high position in the ranks of the Night Sisters—Witches of Dathomir.

Sabine Wren takes a knee and clutches her right side.
Sabine Wren fights the pain.

Source: Disney

Final Thoughts

Good pacing and character development have Ahsoka off to a rousing start. Hopefully, the writers don't run out of steam.


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