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Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Apostate

Din stands next Grogu.
Din and Grogu stand before what's left of the Mandalorian throne.

Source: Disney

Overall: 9.0/10

Story 8.5/10

This season picks up with Din Djarin trying to find redemption for showing his face of his own volition. Such a thing is considered sacrilege in the Mandalorian faith. To atone for this great sin, he must cleanse himself in the sacred waters of the mines beneath Mandalore. But the Mandalorian home world is broken and poisoned. And so the next quest of the Mandalorian begins.

One of the biggest draws of the show, besides the incredible action, is the characters. And at the forefront, is the powerful bond between Din and Grogu.

Greef Karga talks to Din on his office balcony.
Greef Karga tries to sway Din with his proposal.

Source: Disney

Character 9.3/10

What is a Mandalorian without a quest? Without a quest, he has no purpose—no path. But Din now has another great purpose. It’s of, perhaps, an even greater importance than when he sought to get Grogu to the Jedi in the previous seasons. That quest was about honor. Now Din seeks to restore himself to the Mandalorian faith. He seeks redemption. The only thing is, this quest seems nearly impossible. But once a Mandalorian sets out to complete a quest, he sees it through. "This is the way."

Grogu can’t speak. But the artists, animators and puppeteers do a great job of using his face and body language to reveal an incredible amount of emotion that tells a lot about his character. And viewers should be able to tell that he's very happy to be back with Din again. In the past, when necessary, he’s given Din an assist or two. Grogu always seems to sense when it’s time to step up. That’s what great teammates do. And this viewer predicts this season will be no different.

Greef Karga is always trying to work an angle. Typically, he doesn't do anything unless it benefits him or his vision in some way. This viewer isn't calling him a bad guy. It's just that his motivations aren't purely beneficent.

Bo-Katan Kryze is a broken monarch. She had so many ambitions that were thwarted when she didn't gain the Black Saber, a symbol of the true Mandalorian leader's power. She's lost her followers and a bit of her mojo. But perhaps she wasn't that great a leader to begin with if her followers scattered so easily.

Grogu has a Candy.
Grogu uses the force to grab a Nevarro M&M.

Source: Disney

Final Thoughts

The writers have set Din upon another quest. And with Din and Grogu reunited to complete a nearly impossible task, it’s sure to make for an epic adventure.


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