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The Last of Us Episode 2 Review: Infected

Tess, Ellie and Joel stand at a roof barrier.
Joel and Tess explain the rules of the universe to Ellie.

Source: HBO

Overall: 9.0/10

Story 8.8/10

Joel and Tess make a discovery. Ellie may be humanity’s only hope. But things don’t go as planned at the drop-off. Now they have to decide how to deal with her.

It’s a much shorter episode this week. But it follows in the previous episode's footsteps with a slow build early that allows for character revelations and interaction. Later, the episode explodes into terrifying zombie chaos that will make viewers appreciate their quiet time with these incredible characters.

Ellie stands behind Tess as Tess aims her gun.
Tess guards Ellie.

Source HBO

Character 9.0/10

Joel is still resistant. He tries hard not to like Tess. Living in that world, loss is commonplace. Joel feels the best way to protect himself is to let as few people in as possible. So his plan is to make sure that the door is closed to Ellie.

Ellie is a strange kid with a twisted sense of humor. And despite Joel’s resistance, she seems fond of him and Tess. She won't allow Joel to keep that door closed for much longer.

Tess has done some really bad things. But the world she lives in is a bad place. Perhaps, it's only one where people who do bad things can survive. But when Tess recognizes what Ellie is, she dares to dream of a better world. There’s no telling what Tess is willing to sacrifice to achieve it, especially if it means she can right some of her wrongs.

Ellie and Joel stare at the city's ruins.
Ellie and Joel take in the sights and sounds.

Source: HBO

Final Thoughts

It’s fair to say with this show we shouldn’t get attached to anyone outside of Joel and Ellie. It’s them against the world. And this viewer puts his money on them.


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