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Abigail Movie Review

Peter carries Abigail, as from left to right, Dean, Sammy, Frank, Joey and Rickles, stand behind him.
Peter carries Abigail. His accomplices, from left to right, Dean, Sammy, Frank, Joey and Rickles, stand behind him.

Source: Universal Pictures

Overall 5.5/10

Story 6/10

The story picks up with some kidnappers out for a payday. But Karma pops up and punches each of them square in the mouth. And everything turns to proverbial excrement. 

Too bad they put a critical element of the story in the trailer. Figuring out that element would’ve been much more satisfying. But the story still has a few twists and turns. And it's still fun to watch the characters squirm as they realize things are not what they appear.

Abigail leaps on Sammy.
Abigail attacks Sammy.

Source: Universal Pictures

Character 5/10

Joey (Melissa Barrera) seems like the one good person in the group who made a bad decision for what she thought was a good reason. And she’s the only one who treats Abigail like a person.

Frank (Dan Stevens) is a crooked cop. He’ll do anything for a buck. He has no code—no moral compass when there is money to be made. 

Peter (Kevin Durand) is a stereotypical meathead. He’s the hired muscle who does various hired muscle things, no matter how unpleasant. He’ll break your arm but apologize while doing it. To make matters worse, he always does what he’s told without thinking about it.

Sammy (Kathryn Newton) is a spoiled brat, who’s good with computers but light on common sense. 

Dean (Angus Cloud) is missing some brain cells. He thinks slowly and speaks slowly. Dean is the type of guy this viewer would have to take in small doses.

Rickles (William Catlett) is a no-nonsense professional. He’s about his paper. He’ll keep his head down and do the job, so he can go home. 

Joey, Peter and Frank look on.
Joey, Peter and Frank can't believe what they're seeing.

Source Universal Pictures

Final Thoughts

The story had a lot of twists and turns. It was somewhat enjoyable. But it could've been more so if the audience had to figure out who the bad guys are.


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