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Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver Review

Source: Netflix

Overall: 4/10

Story  4/10

This space opera picks up after Admiral Noble’s defeat. Kora’s recruits head back to her village, intending to get some much-needed rest. But their plans are dashed when they get some unexpected news. Their fight isn’t over.

Unfortunately, this film seems even more rushed than the first, leaving more questions than answers. And because of the terrible pacing, the audience never gets to witness the main characters build a true bond with each other and the villagers they’re fighting for.

The Royal Family stands with its entourage in the background.
The home world's royal family and their entourage.

Source: Netflix

Characters  4/10

Kora (Sofia Boutella) comes off as less likable in the second film because of what viewers see her do.  And she doesn’t seem contrite as she is unwilling to be forthright with her comrades in arms. If she had early on, perhaps it could’ve created a powerful moment to build a connection within the group.

Nemesis (Bae Doona) is a unique character, who was once a mother. So she has a soft spot in her heart for children. More time should’ve been spent with her ingratiating herself with the village's children. We should’ve seen the mother come out in her. 

Milius (Elise Duffy) is bland—not even sure why she’s there.

James (Anthony Hopkins) is wasted. He has very little screen time. There seems to be a bond between James and Sam in the first film. But for some reason, it’s not explored in the second one. Had it been explored, if James intervenes in the conflict, the audience would know why. Their connection should be the catalyst for when the intervention occurs. But James is an enigma. Unfortunately, this viewer doesn't believe it's deliberate. His character is mishandled.

Tarak (Staz Nair) comes from a world more interesting than his character in the second film. Mostly, he runs around with an axe and yells, while charging into laser fire during the battle.

Gunnar (Michiel Huisman) is a love-sick puppy who would follow Kora to the edge of the universe if he could. Okay. So what?

Titus (Djimon Hounsou) is a brilliant general. He has an actual ark in the story. Titus is one of the few.

Admiral Atticus Noble (Ed Skrein) seethes villainy. He's not the most complex bad guy. But it works.

James holds his staff with antlers on his head.
James has a staff and antlers for some reason.

Source: Netflix

Final Thoughts

Hot take on Rebel Moon Part Two: the Scargiver—skip it. This viewer didn't think they could give us even less. But they did. Too many characters and poor pacing spelled Rebel Moon's doom.

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