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Rebel Moon- Part One: A Child of Fire Movie Review

Kora stands behind a beast of burden and stairs at the moon.
Kora takes a moment to to smell the proverbial roses.

Source: Netflix

Overall: 7.7/10

Story 7.5/10

Our story picks up with Kora, a seemingly simple kid, on a farming world. She has a good life. But Soldiers from the Motherworld come looking for more than grain. Kora decides the village would rather fight than give in to their wicked demands. So she sets off to find warriors to save the village from the imperialists. 

This film is fast-paced. But its speed serves it well. Even given the tempo, the audience still gets a good chance to connect with characters through some epic and powerful character introductions.

Admiral Noble stands with his entourage.
Admiral Noble welcomes Kora's village into the loving embrace of the Motherworld.

Source: Netflix

Character 7.9/10

Kora (Sofia Boutella) experiences a lot of trauma in her life. She has moments of peace and brief glimpses of happiness. But she’s never been able to maintain it. Now that she has it in her sights again, she fights to protect it.

Gunnar (Michael Huisman) is a simple farmer who has some ambition. But he thinks he knows more than he does. And initially, he's not very brave until he's forced to be, especially when it comes to Kora.

Kai (Charlie Hunnam) is a greedy bounty hunter. He has no scruples about doing whatever it takes to survive. He's sort of like Han Solo without the heart of gold.

Titus (Djimon Hounsou) is a fallen general, who loses his honor. Kora has given him a way to reclaim it. 

Tarak(Staz Nair) is a friend of the oppressed. He can reach beyond his own troubles to even connect and empathize with a beast that suffers the same plight.

Jimmy (Anthony Hopkins) is much more than a machine. He was lost for a time. But he seems to be in the process of finding his way.

Admiral Atticus Noble (Ed Skrein) is a wicked man. He takes joy in the suffering of others. And he goes above and beyond to inflict it.

Belisarius (Alphonso Herrera) is a psychopath. He not only drinks gallons of the Kool-Aid but plays a major role in its preparation.

Nemesis holds two glowing swords with blood on her forehead, as Kora and Kai watch behind her.
Nemesis steels herself for battle, as Kora and Kai watch in the background.

Source: Netflix

Final Thoughts

This is an epic first installment from Snyder and crew. It is an action-packed feast for the eyes that pulls from a lot of enjoyable pieces of fiction. This viewer will be waiting in anticipation for the next part. 

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