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The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Review

The Mistress of Ravens stands as Purvon kneels and Vax levitates.
The Mistress of Ravens examines Vax and Purvon

Source: Prime Video


Dragons come to conquer the land as the Chroma Conclave. And Vox Machina can do little to stop them in their current state. They’ll have to grow stronger by collecting vestiges: powerful magic items that can strengthen a warrior exponentially. But will these powerful trinkets be enough?

If Vox Machina were a novel, it would be a progression fantasy. These characters have taken up a quest to slay the dragons that plague the land. But in the course of this quest, in order to become more powerful, they have to grow as characters and overcome obstacles that have hampered them in the past. These stumbling blocks add layers of complexity to the characters and endear them to viewers.

Grog Stands bloody.
Grog rages.

Source: Prime Video


Vax, the twin brother of Vex, has come to depend on his sister both emotionally and in battle. They have an incredible bond and are inseparable. But in order for Vox to grow, he has to understand that there are some paths he must walk alone. In order to acquire his vestige he must severe a tether that weakens him. Only then can he reach the true potential of his destiny.

Vex, the twin sister of Vax, has always craved her father's attention. She comes off as tough, but she always wanted his love and validation. The twins’ father is horrible. And he might be incapable of giving Vex what she requires. But Vex is so desperate to please him, even in adulthood, that she is willing to take his verbal abuse. In order to obtain her vestige, she has to learn that she is capable of standing on her own two feet. She is worthy, and there is no need for the validation of others.

Keyleth has gained more control over her powers, as she has become more comfortable with who she is and gained more confidence from her adventures with her friends. Perhaps that confidence will translate into her telling Vax how she truly feels about him.

Percy is of noble birth. But no one knows better than him that true nobility is the nobility of deed not of blood. It’ll be interesting moving forward to see what type of vestige he gets.

Scanlan is more of a hero than he’ll give himself credit for. He’s incredibly smart, resourceful and extremely capable. Sometimes this viewer wishes he would be more serious. But it may be a way of disarming his opponents in battle. Villains sleep on him at their own peril.

Pike is a cleric—the holy woman of the group. Pike is arguably the most valuable member of Vox Machina, given her skill set. She’s also a fierce and loyal fighter. And at times she’s been the moral compass for the group.

Grog is the muscle of the group. So it’s fitting that the most physically strong member of the group would have to contemplate where his strength comes from before he’s able to acquire his vestige.

Korrin and Vox Machina look into the distance.
Korrin and Vox Machina relax a bit after a battle.

Source: Prime Video


The animation for this season is sensational. The character designs are flawless. The characters’ looks seem to change slightly with each graduation of power. And the action sequences are beyond epic. This is truly an exceptional job by the artists and animators.

Final Thoughts

The second season of The Legend of Vox Machina proves to be an excellent follow-up to the first season. The characters and action are the big draws in this uptempo fantasy epic. How can the third season possibly top this?

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