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Blue Lock Season 1 Part 1 Review

Isagi looks forward.
Isagi sees the future.

Source: Crunchyroll

Overall: 9.2/10

Story 9.2/10

Isagi, an average high school soccer player, thinks his dream is dead when his soccer team is eliminated from the regionals. But he gets another shot after he’s invited to be a participant in Blue Lock. The sports facility is hellbent on creating and developing the world’s next great striker in Japan.

It starts a bit slow but picks up momentum as the writers lay the groundwork for viewers to attach themselves to characters by raising the stakes, placing the characters in high-pressure situations and giving them unique and interesting abilities that speak to who they are.

Chigiri runs.
Chigiri takes flight.

Source: Crunchyroll

Character 9.5/10

Jinpachi Ego—genius or madman? Take your pick. But he decides he will force the evolution of Japan’s soccer youth through his ideology and tinkering until the world’s next great striker is born.

Yoichi Isagi is the main character. Most of the soccer players are dynamic. They change and grow. But Isagi is the most dynamic of all. A lot of the anime turns on his interactions with other brilliant players. They influence him and vice versa. But Isagi's ability to adapt is one of his own unique gifts. It’s like he’s a genius that tears himself down during a match and completely rebuilds himself anew. Ultimately, he’s a phoenix rising from the ashes of mini defeats—reborn as a stronger version of himself, so he can win the larger battles.

Meguru Bachira is the first person that senses how strong Isagi is. Bachira instantly gravitates toward him because there is something inside Bachira that drives him toward victory. He thinks Isagi is his best chance of achieving that.

Rensuke Kunigami is a friend and Isagi defender. He is a well-balanced player with a nearly unstoppable mid-range strike. He has all of the natural gifts and talents that Isagi covets early on.

Seishuro Nagi is a physically gifted genius, born with magnificent ball control. He never tries because he never has to. His meager efforts are enough to spell doom for most opponents. But Isagi is the first person he has ever wanted to destroy in battle.

Hiyoma Chigiri is a human rocket, who has to learn to break through the walls his mind creates because of fear. He has to come to grips with the fact that we only live for today.

Shoei Baro is the self-proclaimed king. He believes that the game, and everyone in it, exists to serve him.

Isaki's team watches Baro.
King Baro's aura looms over Isagi's team.

Source: Crunchyroll

Animation 8.9/10

The animation for Blue Lock is insane. The level of detail given to characters always speaks to the talent of the artists and animators.

Blue Lock is no different. Sometimes the artists use color schemes and illustrations of energy to depict a character’s genius. For Isagi, viewers ordinarily see his ability to sniff out a goal. It's depicted with blue energy that flows from his eyes.

The animation complements the action perfectly. The artists and animators merge the abilities and genius of these unique characters to create epic battles on the pitch.

Final Thoughts

Blue Lock is sensational. The characters are dynamic and well-developed. The character evolutions and incredible action will be enough to pique viewers' interest until the writers crown the world's next great striker.


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