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The Brothers Sun Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

Charles Sun holds a rolling pin with blood on it as he stares at a man laying on his stairs.
Charles Sun uses a rolling pin to take his frustrations out on a trespasser.

Source: Netflix

Overall 7.0/10

Story 7.0/10

The story picks up with Charles Sun, a man of many talents, just trying to bake a decent cake. Assassins interrupt his quiet time with his culinary masterpiece. Their interruption sets off a chain of events that reunites him with other members of his family that need protection.

The interplay between the characters takes the front seat as two brothers raised very differently have to learn to work together. 

June holds a dagger in each hand.
June brandishes her daggers.

Source: Netflix

Character 7.0/10

Mama Sun (Michelle Yeoh) is the backbone of the family. She’s made many sacrifices to keep the family safe. Now she has to live with the consequences.

Charles Sun (Justin Chien) is the antithesis of his younger brother. Charles doesn’t think. He just acts. The thing is that in most situations, his actions leave the dead in his wake. But that may just be what this situation requires.

Bruce Sun (Sam Song Li) is annoying. That’s this viewer’s first thought. He has dreams. But he either doesn’t pursue them or goes after them half-heartedly. He thinks, but he never acts. He’s the dreamer—the procrastinator. The hope is that these two brothers will temper one another. 

Bruce Sun stands in front of a chair filled with stuff animals.
Bruce Sun interviews for a drug dealer position.

Source: Netflix

Final Thoughts

It will be interesting to see how Charles and Bruce will force each other to grow as the story progresses. In the meantime, viewers can enjoy lots of exciting martial arts action.

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