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Spy x Family Episode 7 Review: The Target's Second Son

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Source: Crunchyroll

Overall Score 9.3/10

Story 9.1/10

This episode kicks off as Loid makes breakfast while he figures out how to recover from Anya punching out his target’s son. An apologetic Yor and Anya join him for breakfast. But Loid is in a generous mood. He lets them both off the hook. He simply tells Anya that she needs to apologize to Damian Desmond. He needs her to do this, so he can get closer to his target, the boy's father. So Loid follows Anya throughout her day, spying to ensure that she follows his instructions. But Anya’s new best friend Becky Blackbell runs interference. Hilarity ensues.

It’s great that the writers use Loid’s memory as the recap for this episode. It's an imaginative and unique way to do it. It quickly integrates into the story, so the writers can be about the business of plot and character.

Character 9.8/10

Yor proves that she’s taking her duties as Anya’s mother more seriously. She begins to take a more active role just as a mother would. She interjects herself into an altercation between Loid and Anya. She politely tells Loid he needs to back off when he gets a little too strict with Anya because she doesn’t understand her homework. Yor's actions indicate that she is now starting to see Anya as her daughter.

Once Yor gets Loid to take a step back. The two discuss the situation and parenting Anya the same way an ordinary couple would. Unwittingly, Yor even manages to convince Loid that there is something important besides the mission. Quite a feat, given she doesn’t even know that Loid has one.

It’s remarkable that Loid acknowledges something of import other than the mission. It signals his growth. He decides alongside Yor that he’s going to be a good parent for Anya. But Loid still has a long way to go. Though he acknowledges the importance of something other than the mission. He will still not allow anything to supersede it. But what happens if he ever has to choose between his family created for the mission and the mission itself?

Everyone in the spy family has their own motivations. For Yor, she needs a cover, so she can go on killing for whomever it is she’s killing for. And of course, Loid put the group together simply to fulfill his mission.

Anya’s motivations initially were to just get out of the orphanage. But she stated unequivocally several episodes ago how much she loves Yor and Loid. And Anya understands in order for her family to stay together, she has to put in work too. The stakes are high. If she’s not successful then her family can’t remain together. That creates pressure. But the audience learns in this episode that even under extreme pressure, Anya is willing to do what it takes to succeed. Anya makes a commitment to her family too, as she sacrifices something important to her for the success of her family.

Animation 8.9/10

One of the advantages of animation is that it allows storytellers to portray certain things that only animation can illustrate. In that manner, it pushes the boundaries of storytelling. There are some things along those lines that stick out in this episode.

Damian Desmond, the boy who Anya slugs in the last episode, really wants to hate Anya. But his emotions won’t cooperate. He actually loves her so much that his heart aches. And the animation portrays the exact moment his love for her blooms. He’s literally so embarrassed that his blood rushes to his face.

Anya’s ability to read thoughts gets the special effects treatment in this episode. The thoughts literally look like bits of sparkling fairy dust. The irony is they look harmless but can have such a damaging effect on her. Later, Anya goes over a math problem with Yor and Loid. The animators and artists, for the first time, give the audience a glimpse through imagery of how Yor and Loid’s minds work. It also inches us closer to truly defining Anya’s powers, given that it’s the first time Anya gets sick from Yor and Loid’s thoughts.

Final Thoughts

It’s another great episode for the show. The character development and character arcs continue to be the strong suit for the series while the characters struggle and grow. This week is no different, as the 3 main characters make a commitment to one another in their own ways. The writers, artists and animators habitually find unique and interesting ways to bring this story to the audience.


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