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Spy x Family Episode 5 Review: Will they pass or fail?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Source Crunchyroll

Overall 8.5/10

Story 8.3/10

This week picks up with the faux Forger clan still unsure whether Anya has passed the academy entrance exam. They receive several omens back to back that seemingly point in one direction. But omens can be wrong, right?

This week’s episode does little to push the story forward. But that’s absolutely fine. The writers use their time wisely. They pull back the curtain to reveal character and add more definition to the spy family dynamic. The viewers get an upfront close and personal look at the Forgers when they go off mission.

Character 9.5/10

Fake it til you make it, as the saying goes. The Forgers, up to this point, have pretended to be a family. But with each episode, they look more and more like the real deal. Loid plays the role of the doting father to keep his secret from Yor and some elements from Anya. His attempts at deception may fool Yor. But ultimately he fools himself in this episode and perhaps beyond. He bends over backward to make sure Anya is happy at great expense to himself. That’s what an actual father does.

The real begins to bleed into the make-believe so much so that the lines blur. The irony is that in this episode Loid is a spy pretending to be a father, pretending to be a spy. But he persists in a state of denial and continues to delude himself into believing that all of the things he does for Anya are solely for the mission.

Yor, the contract killer, even contemplates killing someone for free to make sure Anya gets into the academy. She actually has to talk herself out of it. Some biological mothers have done worse.

Anya, like any daughter, attempts to tug at her dad’s heartstrings. She makes use of crocodile tears. And she does so with a great deal of success. It’s evident she has Loid wrapped around her finger. Even when he complains, he does so with a smile on his face. And his complaints are never very strong. He may not realize the hold that Anya has on him. At some point in the future, he may not even care.

Animation 7.8/10

The animation is very good again this week. There are intricate action scenes with multiple set-pieces. But the animators and artists handle them masterfully. The viewers can focus on Loid, who is the main character in most of the action sequences, as he moves through the controlled chaos. That keeps the scenes from feeling cluttered and confusing. Instead, it gives them focus

Animation also gives character an assist, specifically in Yor’s case. The assassin-turned-wine mom is drunk much of the episode. But through the animation, the audience learns that a drunken assassin never lets her guard down, as long as she can stay awake. Truly Yor, in an inebriated state, may prove to be even more deadly than when she is sober.

Final Thoughts

During this whole episode, Loid and Yor go above and beyond as Anya’s parents. Up to this point, they have played the part well. The audience may be witnessing the beginning of the three main characters growing into the roles that they play. It sure is a lot of fun to watch.


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