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Spy Family Episode 2 Review- Secure the Wife

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Overall Score 8.8/10

Story 9/10

This episode introduces the audience to Yor. She's a contract killer with skills that would even impress Black Widow. But pressure mounts for her as the government cracks down on single women with no children. Many are arrested under suspicion of espionage. At the same time, Twilight feels the pressure to complete his fake family, so he can get close to his mission target. Because of Anya’s emotional awareness and wit, she sets the two on a path that they never would’ve taken.

The writers blended a little more drama into the story this week to go with the action and comedy. It proved to be a great mix. The pacing was excellent and made for a well-balanced story.

Character 10/10

It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that in order to be a great assassin, emotional detachment would be a necessary skill. But the very thing that makes Yor a great assassin keeps her from making connections with people. The sad thing is that she wants to connect but just doesn’t know how. She lacks emotional intelligence and awareness, which may be a result of her training at a very young age to kill people.

Sometimes it’s painful to watch. The surprising thing is that the audience learns it’s painful for Yor too. She’s not so detached emotionally that she can’t tell when she’s being made fun of. Sure she also doesn’t want to be arrested. But deep down, it seems that she doesn’t want to disappoint her younger brother who wishes for her to have a normal life. She also doesn’t want her coworkers to look down on her either.

One of the things that makes the audience feel for Yor is that she’s a very likable character, especially when compared to the bullies she works with. It also helps that her brief interaction with the adorable Anya is memorable and chocked full of hilarity. And the chemistry between Twilight and Yor is palpable. They fit.

Animation 7.5/10

The animation is subtle as it draws distinctions between the action sequences. Twilight’s action sequence is exaggerated and fast-paced. He is a blur as he takes down a group of baddies that stand between him and his mission. Just another day at the office for Twilight. Yor’s solo action sequence is grittier, darker and more realistic. It's slower and even adds a pause for dramatic effect. The animators return to a speedier and more exaggerated style during Yor and Twilight’s joint action sequence for comedic effect. Their sequence is quirky and fun—a bit like the show.

And to those viewers that really pay attention to the small things, like the way the smoke wafts lazily up from a mean girl’s cigarette, the flashes from gun muzzles at night or the way the light glints off a bloody stiletto, the animators offer them a treat. Even in a quiet moment, the use of a camera pan out shows the distance between the life Yor's brother wants for her and the life she has. It's an illustration of the detail and thought the animators put into the episode.

Final Thoughts

The second episode has great pacing and makes for an action-packed story with elements of drama and comedy. Lovable characters with deep character arcs will continue to drive this story alongside subtle but detailed animation.


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