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John Wick 4 Movie Review

Guns pointed at John Wick from a clockwise position
Everyone is gunning for John Wick in this one.

Overall: 8.1/10

Story: 8.0/10

John Wick is back. And the new Marquis not only means to kill John but everyone he cares about. Even the great John Wick can’t go it alone. He needs his comrades to step up to the plate, so he can finish what he started. But does friendship mean more than the will of The High Table?

Keanu, Donnie Yen and Hiroyuki Sanada—three action legends, head for a cataclysmic collision in this fourth chapter. Excellent cinematography allows for the scenery to make a great backdrop for body counts and blood-letting. And viewers can count on compelling characters to keep them enthralled between these gritty fight scenes of gun fu galore.

Akira stands next to her father, Shimazu.
Akira stands next to her father, Shimazu.

Character 8.2/10

John Wick thinks he can “kill them all.” And he's willing to try. If The High Table wants to make an example of him, then so be it. Let's see who makes an example out of who. That's his way of thinking. He's a big enough and bad enough bogeyman to go toe to toe with the goons they send his way.

Winston sees the bloodletting. Even though they’ve had their differences, John is like a son to him. He knows that John has survived the odds because John is just that good. But now things have changed. Winston has no choice but to throw his lot in with John. There's no other person Winston could ever or would ever bet his life on than John.

Cain is an honorable man. He’s being forced to break his code and the ties of his brotherhood by circumstances beyond his control. He does what he can, given the circumstances, to try to end up on the right side of things.

Shimazu believes in friendship and brotherhood. He’s even willing to put his life, livelihood and blood relation on the line for it.

Akira is a loving and dutiful daughter. She follows the rules. But she despises John Wick. It’s not personal. She just feels that had he followed the rules, The High Table's actions would be unnecessary. So his emergency is not her problem. And she doesn't have the bond with him that her father does. If it were up to her, she would cast him aside.

Tracker loves dogs and is just trying to get paid. In fact, he loves dogs so much that he’s willing to take his dog’s opinion on who he should kill.

Marquis Vincent de Gramont is the type of villain viewers will love to hate. He seems like the type of guy that would kick a puppy. He has no redeeming qualities. And this viewer rooted for him to taste Wick’s wrath. Good Job, Bill Skarsgard.

Akira kneels and holds her bow.
Akira takes a moment to assess the situation.

Final Thoughts

It is another excellent installment for Keanu and company. Audiences will clamber for this climactic conclusion. It's gun fu and blades and bodies, oh my!

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