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Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Review: From Kyoto

Chainsaw Man dives down toward Katana Man
Katana Man vs. Chainsaw Man

Source: Crunchyroll

Overall: 9.4/10

Story 9.2/10

The chips are down. But Denji finally wakes up. What’s left of the team makes power moves to counter the operatives who tried to take them out. Surprising abilities and powers are displayed. But will it be enough to pull the team back from the brink?

The writers seemed to take a step back and just allow the animation and action to drive the story for much of this episode. Though the dialogue does do an excellent job of revealing character.

Makima stands with her back to the temple.
Makima stands with her back to the temple.

Source Crunchyroll

Character 9.5/10

Denji is still far too naive and trusting, even in battle. It goes beyond trusting those who are closest to him. It is beyond this viewer how he can have so much faith in people. He still believes a great deal in the good of humanity. We can see it in his dialogue and the way he fights. He could easily slaughter humans. But when he can, he avoids killing them. This type of thinking costs him in this episode. And in the future, if he isn’t careful, he could pay a price that is far too steep.

Makima would be a fitting rival for Light Yagami and his Death Note. She is intelligent, shrewd, ruthless and a master-level strategist. To say she is cold is an understatement. Makima shows no feeling whatsoever—not the slightest bit of emotion except for the smirk she wears on occasion. One thing is certain. She is willing to sacrifice those that she regards as pawns. Almost everyone is expendable. But this viewer can’t figure out why Denji is so valuable to her and everyone else. Could it be Pochita that they’re really after?

Kobeni is hard to figure out. If she follows her instincts without thinking, this viewer is pretty certain, she would be a god. Her character is so much like Zenitsu. And this viewer really loves that archetype. But Kobeni clearly doesn’t like what she’s doing. This type of work has an effect on her mental state. She looks miserable the whole time she’s doing it. When she slows down and thinks about what she’s doing, it's like her kryptonite. Perhaps Kobeni's mind and body are not in agreement. Her body may want to do what it is trained to do. But her mind doesn't want bloodshed. Kobeni is more afraid of herself and what she will do to those foolish enough to stand in her way. At any rate, her character just got a whole lot more interesting.

Kobeni stands at the top of street's hill with a butcher knife and a radio.
Kobeni stands with her favorite weapon.

Source: Crunchyroll

Animation 9.5/10

The animation is insane. This viewer would liken it to meticulous violence based on the level of detail it depicts. The way certain characters’ powers and abilities are showcased allows viewers to see a massive bloodletting of incredible proportions. In this show, characters have various skills and powers due to their contracts and backgrounds. The animation has always done an excellent job of displaying that. But this episode takes it to epic levels.

Final Thoughts

Everything is incredible in this episode, from the dialogue and action to the animation. Viewers are treated to a smorgasbord of violence that will leave them scratching their heads as to who Denji's allies and enemies truly are.


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