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Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Review: The Taste of a Kiss

Battered and bloody, Aki, Power, Denji, Himeno, Arai, Kobeni stand outside of a building.
Aki, Power, Denji, Himeno, Arai, and Kobeni stand outside of a building after escaping the clutches of the Infinity devil.

Source: Crunchyroll

Overall 8.4/10

Story 8.4/10

Denji cuts a swath through to the heart of infinity. The new team celebrates with the rest of Public Safety. Then Denji is traumatized by another first.

The writers do an excellent job of marrying the horror elements with dark comedy this episode. As soon as Denji is out of one life-threatening situation, he finds himself in another non-life-threatening yet traumatic one. But the way he deals with these situations reveals a lot about his character. The way other characters interact with him says a lot about them.

Character 8.6/10

Denji whispers to Himeno.
Denji asks Himeno about their agreement.

Source: Crunchyroll

Denji has never had family or friends outside of a dad, who leaves him indebted to the Yakuza. So the slightest bit of affection can get him to do just about anything, including a suicide mission. But Denji is willing to risk everything just to keep the life he has because it’s so much better than what he had before. And he’s always willing to forgive because all he's ever known is maltreatment. And what type of life can he have if he dwells on those sorts of things? Denji seems to be a live-in-the-moment kind of guy with dreams for the future. The past is forgotten.

On the surface, Himeno may be attracted to Denji because Aki and Denji carry torches for Makima. She's jealous. Then again, she might be tempted by Denji's power or just giddy at a legitimate chance to take down the Gun devil. Makima doesn’t understand Denji's power. But she sees its potential. Denji is a mystery. Color Himeno intrigued.

In the face of Himeno’s admiration, Makima seems a little grimy. It’s evident she’s ruthless, sophisticated, intelligent and interested in playing the long game. This viewer thinks that game involves exploiting Denji for his power and whatever else she can get out of him by dangling everything he wants in front of his face.

Animation 8.2/10

Himeno smokes.
Himeno takes a break

Source Crunchyroll

This episode’s animation would’ve proven a little too good. This viewer is ecstatic that the censors stepped in. The artists and animators are supremely talented and meticulous in their craft. The contents of someone’s stomach don’t need that level of detail. On the other hand, the flame that burns Himeno's cigarette and the smoke that wafts from it and her mouth as she exhales are beyond incredible

Final Thoughts

Denji is the man of the hour. With him in its ranks, Public Safety has a shot to beat the Gun devil. So Denji takes aim at getting everything he ever wanted.


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