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She-Hulk Attorney At Law Episode 2 Review: Superhuman Law

Source: Disney

Overall: 8.8/10

Story 8.7/10

This episode shows the audience that there are very real consequences to a superhero revealing their identity. While Jen Walters does manage to get free drinks from friends and admirers for saving the jury’s life in the last episode, she loses her job because no good deed goes unpunished. No worries. She does manage to land another one before the episode ends. But she doesn't like what she has to do to keep it.

The writers continue to keep the tone light for the series. The pacing is lightning fast, especially considering the brevity of the episodes. Perhaps that’s by design, so they can keep the audience wanting more. It works.

The artists and animators give a big assist in this episode. They do an incredible job with how expressive and natural She-Hulk looks. And the transitions used on Jen, at times, look a lot like comic book panels. It makes for a really cool touch.

And although the episodes are short, the writers do manage to tie in a lot of the other MCU properties—either directly or indirectly. They also manage to delve a little deeper into Jen Walter's psyche in this episode as well.

Character 8.9/10

Maslany's portrayal of Jen Walters is spot on. Jen is a brilliant and talented attorney. In other words, she's very good at what she does. So she's slightly irritated that her superpowers may have given her a leg up on landing a prestigious job. Jen doesn't even want the appearance of impropriety because she is about fairness and justice.

She-Hulk challenges Jen's status quo. So she has begun to intrude upon Jen Walter's life just as Bruce warned. As She-Hulk becomes more popular, will Jen grow resentful of her? That's something to certainly look out for in the future.

Final Thoughts

The writing and animation blend seamlessly together to make for an entertaining episode. And Maslany turns out another performance that should make others green with envy.


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