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Daryl Dixon Episode 1: L'âme Perdue

Darryl aims a gun.
Daryl takes aim.

Source: AMC

Overall: 7.1/10

Story 6.9/10

Daryl has made his way to France. Apparently, he’s been looking for something. And he finds it in the form of a mission. He is supposed to take this kid, who is the last hope for humanity's future, to Northern France. Only he doesn't want the responsibility. But who better than the zombie-killing machine from Georgia to get him there? No one. That's who. The way will be treacherous. It's filled with zombies that audiences have never seen before and human villains seeking revenge for various reasons. But the sake of humankind is on the line. No pressure, Mr. Dixon.

While the story is somewhat similar to The Last of Us, The Walking Dead puts its own unique spin on the chosen trope. The pacing is excellent. So are the engaging characters.

Isabelle hands Sylvie a knife.
Isabelle makes sure Sylvie is armed.

Source AMC

Characters 7.3/10

Daryl is looking for something. He’s not really sure what. But it might be a purpose. And that makes a lot of sense. Because it appears that a purpose is waiting for him. Besides, Daryl has always had a soft spot for kids.

Isabelle is a little unorthodox for a nun. She’s quite bold in many ways. She might see Daryl as a kindred spirit. They hold a lot of the same scars. Literally. And she truly believes in Daryl and young Laurent. She’s willing to do whatever she can to get Daryl to believe as well. Maybe she has enough faith for both of them.

Laurent is supposed to be the hope for humanity. At this point in the story, this viewer is unsure how or what the kid is supposed to do. Perhaps it will become evident as the story moves forward. He seems to be precocious and has some empathic abilities. But his shoulders still seem a bit small to carry the future of humanity.

This viewer isn't sure about Codron as the villain. It seems more like he's playing at being a bad guy. He's nowhere near Negan's level when we first meet him. Even the Governor could teach him a thing or two. Sure Codron does some bad things. But he's distraught over what happens to his brother. A good person could end up doing that. Perhaps the writers will shed some light on more of his villainy as the story progresses. Because right now, he seems like a lightweight. Then again, he may not end up being the main villain. Time will tell.

Daryl holds the mother superior's hand as she leans on Sylvie.
Isabelle comforts the mother superior, as the matriarch tells Daryl he's chosen.

Source AMC

Final Thoughts

The characters are engaging and interesting so far. Why Laurent is chosen and what he's expected to do remains to be seen. Hopefully, that's revealed as the story goes on. It is also this viewer's hope that the writers don't get in their own way like they've done with some of the other Walking Dead series.

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